Entertaining In New Year Style with Duck Mirror and Texture Tape


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Now that Christmas Day is past and many of you have time off to enjoy the holiday week, I thought it would be a good time to show you how I gave new life to a glass vase and more to ready them to help me ring in the new year in festive style.



Ed and I always like to make New Year’s Eve special, even if it is just the two of us and a few friends. We stay up to watch the ball drop on TV, clink champagne-filled glasses, kiss and then bang a few pots and pans and blow on a few noisemakers outside to mark the first few minutes of the new year. It is all low-key and cozy.



New Year's Eve Entertaining Idea for a Bar Set up



I set up finger food on the kitchen table as well as the coffee table in the living room. I set up the bar on the kitchen counter. This year I decided I was going to hang a photo booth backdrop behind the counter and tape confetti-filled balloons on it to add some New Year’s Eve style.



Duck Mirror and Duck Texture Crafting Tape



I also used Duck Mirror® and Duck Texture® crafting tapes to help me add a festive glow to the bar.



chipped glass vase



I had planned to use shiny Duck Mirror® crafting tape in gold on the glasses, but got another idea when I pulled this vase out of my China closet.



The cylindrical vase had a big chip. 🙁  I was about to throw it out, but then got a better idea.



Uses for Metallic crafting duck tape



I used both the Duck Mirror® and Duck Texture® crafting tapes to give new life to the damaged vase. It is now a glitzy candle holder worthy of a New Year’s Eve celebration. It was 1… 2… 3… easy.



The best part is that the tapes can be permanent or temporary as they are easy to remove and won’t damage the glass.



New Year's Eve Party Ideas on a budget



I used the wide Duck Mirror® in gold on old-fashioned glasses. One is going to be used to hold the noisemakers.



Drink glass marker ideas



On the stemware, I simply wrapped the narrow tape around the straight parts of the stems. On the martini glasses, I added three pieces of silver Duck Mirror® along the stems. You can be as creative as you want with the tapes, even use them a glass markers so when a guest puts their glass down, it will be marked so it will be easy to identify.



DIY Metallic candle holder



Duck Mirror®:  Features a unique mirror effect that adds a shine and dimension to almost any DIY and craft project. They’re ideal for scrapbooking and decorating. The tapes even work with electronic cutting machines so you can create your own designs, shapes and letters.



Duck Texture®:  Features trendy colors and patterns so you can add a textured surface to any craft or DIY project.

How to Add Festive Style to Plain Glassware



Duck Mirror® and Duck Texture® Crafting Tapes can be bought on Amazon and the craft store. They come in two widths.



If you can’t find them at your local craft store, here are a few links I have found to buy them:





supplies needed:

  • Glassware and vases that have straight sides or sections
  • Duck Mirror® and Duck Texture® Crafting Tapes in various widths.  Narrow 3/4″ width and Wide 1.88″ width. Can be bought on Amazon and the craft store.
  • Scissors



Uses for crafting metallic duct tape

Gather your glassware that have straight sides or stems as the tape will wrap around evenly on straight sided items.  Clean with hot sudsy water, rinse well and let dry.






2. On the clean, dry surface, eye-ball the center of the glass and wrap the tape around the glass until you meet the starting point. Cut the end with scissors. Press cut edges of tape with your fingers to smooth. If any bubbles appear in the tape, simply rub your finger over it to remove.



Drink and glass marker ideas for parties



I added Duck Texture® Crafting Tape in gold to my champagne flutes…Duck Mirror Crafting Tape in Gold



…as well as a variety of the tapes to give each glass a little bling.



New Year's Eve Party Ideas -Metallic pillar candle holder



The best part, it looks like I bought all new glasses when all I needed was some pretty crafty tape.



DIY Gold and silver pillar candle holder for a New Year's Eve party



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