DIY Janmashtami Door Toran using old CD!


Janmashtami is the celebration of the lord Krishna’s birth.


Krishna Janmashtami is nearly here, and is one of those Indian festivals that is associated with a lot of fun! There are dahi handi competitions, lots of milk-based sweets and the most adorable sight of all – so many tiny Krishnas!


So let’s celebrate this colorful festival by making beautiful door toran with old CD. Here are 4 simple steps to make this beautiful design.


Step 1

Take an old, unused CD and draw the pattern of peacock on it by using white pencil colours.


Use fabric white acrylic tube colour and make the outline sketch of the peacock pattern.




Step 2

Now take glass colours to colour the CD. colour the pattern on the CD with glass colour like blue,yellow, red and green.




Step 3

To make the CD more attractive and fancy stick round crystal beads to it.


Prepare the number of CD you wish, so that it covers your door properly.




Step 4

Now take peacock feather and stick it to the CDs. Using fabric glue stick these CD to the golden ribbon, attach bells to make your door toran fancier.




Here are some Janmashtami decoration ideas.


Decoration the flute of lord Krishna in very royal way under very simple steps.




Decorate the flute of lord Krishna with peacock feather. Tie a beautiful glimmer ribbon to the flute. Now decorate the peacock feather with crystal beads and stones and stick it with the ribbon.




Decorate the small matki of lord Krishna


Decorate the dahi handi matki with beautiful purls with the shine of peacock feather. Spray the matki with golden colour. Now make small peacock feather with shiny and colorful sheets. Attach these sheet with a thread and tie this thread to the matki.





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