How to Waterproof a Shower Bench Using Wedi


Here’s the question:

What’s a good way to waterproof a shower bench made from 2x4s?

Today we share how to use Wedi to completely waterproof a bench.

Plus, this method is super easy and can be used for any type of shower.

Let’s dive in.


How to Waterproof a Shower Bench Using Wedi…What’s First?

The first step is to dry fit a Wedi building panel over the curb. Cut a notch out of the Wedi panel so that it fits down over the Lean curb.


Cut Wedi for Curb


Clean the rabbet cut in the Wedi Fundo Primo shower pan and ensure there’s no debris or thin-set in it.


Then apply a generous bead of Wedi Joint Sealant in the rabbet.


Apply Wedi Joint Sealant to Rabbet


And over the curb where it meets the shower bench.


Wedi Joint Sealant Over Curb


Mark the stud locations on the bench top.

And embed the Wedi building panel into the rabbet and Wedi Joint Sealant.

Start the first screws/washers for the panel about 4 inches above the shower pan.


Add Wedi Screws


Then add screws every 8 inches after that along the stud.


Finish Adding Screws and Washers


Cut Wedi panels flush with the bench top using a utility knife. Then smooth out the Wedi Joint Sealant that oozed between the panel and shower pan.


Smooth Wedi Joint Sealant at Joint


Finish adding all the screws and washers through the vertical panels.


How to Add Wedi to the Shower Bench Top

Wedi is a very versatile substrate and perfect for shower bench tops.

The topmost cementicious layers make Wedi building panels very rigid.

Dry fit the Wedi panel that will be the bench top.

And cut a notch in this panel so it fits flush with the stud wall.


Cut Notch in Bench Top


Trim the bench top Wedi panel such that fits just over the vertical panels.


Cut Bench Top to Size


Dampen the wood bench top with a sponge so the thin-set doesn’t lose its moisture.


Apply a Damp Sponge to Bench Top


Apply thin-set to the top of the shower bench.


Apply Modified Thin-Set to the Bench Top


And the bottom of the Wedi panel.


Apply Modified Thin-Set to Bench Top


Use directional troweling such that all the ridges face the same direction.

Set the Wedi bench top and check that it slopes toward the shower yet is level moving left to right.


Check Slope of Shower Bench


Then trim the Wedi panels with either a utility knife or oscillating multi-tool.


Trim Wedi


Seal the edges and screws/washers with Wedi Joint Sealant to completely waterproof the shower bench.


Seal Wedi Gap


What’s Next

What do you think?

Does Wedi look like an easy and solid method for waterproofing a shower bench?

It’s not the only option but one of best for this type of shower.

Our prior tutorials share how to build this shower bench and add the Wedi Fundo Primo shower pan.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our great community.






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