Insta-Tip: Free Painting Tool


How To Make A Free Painting Tool Out of a Milk Jug

Today I have an Insta-Tip for you.  It is a quick and easy DIY tip.

It is part of the weekend series where I share a simple project for which no tutorial is needed.

I am hoping that the ideas in this series will inspire you to look at everything around you with new eyes and ask yourself…”what if?” to come up with your own Insta-Tip ideas.



Painting tool that you can make. Make a paint bucket out of a plastic milk jug. It is free and easy to make. Win/Win all around since you will be recycling and making the job of painting a wall or anything much easier.



You can make a very free and very handy paint bucket with a used plastic milk jug.



1. Using a marker, draw on an empty and clean milk jug as shown. Stop about 2-inches from the bottom.





2. Cut a slit and small rectangle near the neck of the jug.





3. Volia!…. A easy to hold paint bucket that also will hold your brush when you need to put the bucket and brush down.





To hold the paint jug easily, slip your hand into the handle with your palm towards the jug.

When finished painting, pour the unused paint back into the can using the jug top as a funnel. You can clean and reuse the jug or toss it in the trash.

Smart Painter TIP:  Before pouring paint back into a paint can, stretch an old nylon stocking over the opening of the jug to filter the paint while pouring.




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