Small Spaces: Dining Table Combos + What Shape Works Best For Your Space


We’ve all been there… first apartment, tiny studio in the city, or maybe even just an area of your home that maybe isn’t quite as grandiose as the rest but still needs some love and some solutions. For this reason we are starting a new series all about small spaces. We get it because like we said, we have been there and not all of us have expansive dining rooms or large en-suite master bedrooms. Sometimes there is just enough room for a little pull out couch, a tiny dining room nook, and a makeshift desk area that also serves double duty as extra seating when you have people over. Small spaces are tough and often times there is a gap in the market of high quality and well-designed products that work for small spaces. So with this series, we intend to do our research, scour the market and bring to you the best of the best pieces to give that small space some big style.

small space dining table build in seating pendant
Photo by Bethany Nauert for EHD

Today we are bringing you dining room (err, dining nook) options. All of these tables are under 40 inches wide and are circular or square with room for 2 to 4 chairs which for a small space makes the most sense. But before we get into it there are a few rules ground rules to remember when designing with a small space.

  1. Function: How does the space or room function as that will dictate the type of furniture you buy and also if it has to do double duty.
  2. Scale: This is not the time to try and squeeze your chair and half into a 500 sq ft studio. You have to be reasonable with yourself and really think about how big the piece can actually be in order to work in your space.
  3. Shape: Shape is key in small living as the shape of the piece is going to dictate the flow around said piece. As we mentioned before a circular table is going to work best in your dining nook area to allow for an even flow around it, just as an oval coffee table might work best in your living area so that you give yourself more floor space by eliminating those square corners. But if you have a small NYC style apartment where you have to push your table up against one wall then a small square option or one that folds up and down will be best for you to use.

Here are 30 dining chair and table combos that are EHD and small space approved. We did pull these combos together based on looks but a lot of the tables and chairs could be swapped around so if you like one table and one chair then feel free to play a little musical chairs to find the right combo that works best for you and your space.

Emily Henderson Small Space Dining Combos Round Tables Roundup1. Chair + Table | 2. Chair + Table | 3. Chair + Table | 4. Chair + Table | 5. Chair + Table | 6. Chair Table | 7. Chair + Table | 8. Chair + Table | 9. Chair + Table | 10. Chair + Table | 11. Chair + Table | 12. Chair + Table | 13. Chair + Table | 14. Chair + Table | 15. Chair + Table | 16. Chair + Table | 17. Chair + Table | 18. Chair + Table | 19. Chair + Table | 20. Chair + Table

And for those of you that don’t have the space for a round table, or need a table that can be pushed up against a wall with three chairs around it here are some of our favorite options for you.

Emily Henderson Small Space Dining Combos Square Tables Roundup Copy1. Chair + Table | 2. Chair + Table | 3. Chair + Table | 4. Chair + Table | 5. Chair + Table | 6. Chair + Table | 7. Chair  + Table | 8. Chair + Table | 9. Chair + Table | 10. Chair + Table

Let us know if you have any questions on any of the combos below, and if you live in a small space let us know what you want us to tackle next. Is it a roundup of small scale sofas or love seats, or maybe you need furniture that does double duty and is multifunctional? We are open to whatever suggestions you may have so let us know below and we can start doing the research for you.


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